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Photos from our prize giving day

John Howie Pairs

1983 Jack Moffat Janet Howie
1984 Donald Stewart Joan Lee
1985 Stuart Christie Janet Howie
1986 Alec MacKintosh Madge Stewart
1987 Stuart Christie Barbara MacLennan
1988 James Stewart Margaret Munro
1989 Brian MacDonald M. A. Davidson
1990 Peter Smeaton Meg Craig
1991 Mark Davidson Jennifer Forbes
1992 Mark Davidson Samantha Lee
1993 Mark Davidson Rosemary Shields
1994 Stuart Christie Elaine Davidson
1995 Donald Forbes Jennifer Forbes
1996 I. Cameron J. Howie
1997 Stuart Christie Ian Houston
1998 David Christie M. Davidson
1999 Stuart Murray Barbara Rush
2000 Bill Howie Emma Johnstone
2001 Kevin MacKintosh Jean Howie
2002 Alec Howie Margaret Davidson
2003 Ron Thornhill Jean Howie
2004 Sandy Watt Fred Lee
2005 Donald Skinner Bill Howie
2006 Pat McIlwraith M. G. Davidson
2007 Stuart Christie Irene Pearson
2008 Cecil Alexander Kevin MacKintosh
2009 M. M. MacKenzie Bill Howie
2010 M. M. MacKenzie Keith MacKay
2011 Sandy Watt Tom Robertson
2012 Moira Hamilton Kyle Ross
2013 M. Davidson Helen Wilson
2014 Sandy Watt Niven Ross
2016 Cecil Alexander M. Hobson
2017 Sandy Watt Scott Davidson
2018 Matthew Sloggie James Stewart


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IBA Pairs

Keith Mackay and Alan Mackenzie

IBA triples

Michael Hillan,Richard Ansell ,and Stuart Christie

Planefield pairs

Jimmy Sheilds and Alan Robinson won

Richard Ansell won the Planefield singles

Richard Ansell won the Planefield triples along with Eunice and Jimmy McAdam

Scottish singles winner Ladies Elaine Davidson

Scottish Senior singles men winner Alan Robinson

Alan Mackenzie and Richard Ansell won the Morganti Cup at Nairn

Stuart Christie won the IBA Singles

Ian Penwright and Elaine Davidson won the Crown Pairs at Fraser Park


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